Thursday, November 27, 2008

Today was Thanksgiving.  Hooray!  Quick rundown of how the day went thus far (it's only 4:00 so there may be another post to come):
Went to work at Starbucks at 930, got my ass reamed by 1,000 customers, pretty much all of whom ordered five or more drinks at a time...not cool.
Yelled at my boyfriend when he wasn't at work to pick me up, told him I was going to murder him. Par for the course, eh Ladies?
Got to my Mom's house, grubbed, wined, talked, got sleepy, left.  Mom gave me some grief when leaving and told me to go to the gym tomorrow (Thanks mom, I'll always think of you when putting my fingers down my throat to be "perfect".  Ha, we all know that doesn't happen. Tastes good going down, not coming up).
And, finally, here I sit at boy's house drinking a beer, smoking a bit and giving y'all the rundown.

I hope you all great Thanksgiving and let's not forgot to love the ones we're with.

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Accepts Affection said...

Don't even start. Because I AM going to follow your ass. YAY.