Friday, December 12, 2008

You Still There?

I'm not able to sleep right now. 
Yes, I am planning on going into a profession of helping people, but I heard and experienced something today to really make me question my choice of career.  
I can't get incredibly detailed, but I will say that I was on the phone for an hour and forty-five minutes with someone who would give me minimal information, a minor and threatened suicide (somewhat understandably IMO) no less than four times.  This person cried, silently, and I believe was in serious trouble, and there was nothing I could do.
What could I do?
Tell her she was lost without me?
There was nothing I could do, I was powerless.
Now I can't sleep, because I know that somewhere close there are a lot more like that one call.

It's horrible.
How can I feel any hope knowing there so many horrible, disgusting, devil people that exist?

I'm too tired to post the link, but if you see this, please go to and download (for free) herectics.  It's about a minister who realizes hell doesn't exist because it's already here and there's no fear of "going down there".  Please let this be your one act of selflessness for the day. 

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