Sunday, December 14, 2008

Hello! Yes.

Wow!  this is something I do not remember, but great!

Anyhoozle, I went to dinner tonight with my B-S-Friend (that's boy-sex friend for those who aren't up on the lingo) at his parent's house.  Good times y'all!  

And, the highlight of the day was making my usually stoic co-worker actually laugh pretty hard today.

So, I work at a certain coffee shop in a certain city in Minneapolis. 

So, some guy comes up to the counter, and me wanting to be the great (GREAT) employee I am, asked what I could get for him; dialouge follows:

Me: what can I get for you?
DouchBag Customer (DBC): Do you have Christmas blend?
(Note: We always brew this coffee, at this point we do not have this coffee brewed and we are having miscommunication)
Me: Oh, no, we're not brewing that right now.  We have pike place.
DBC: what?
Me: Pike place.
DBC: pike....what?!?
DBC: PIKE....?
Me: Pike.
DBC: Like a pike? like the fish?
Me: Like pike place market.
DBC: So, what quantities does that come in?
Me: Oh, so you want beans, not brewed coffee?
DBC: (Rolls eyes dramatically and breathes heavy as about to have some sort of heart attack and or brain problem), Yes, that's what I was looking for!
Me: Well, than, yes we do have christmas blend.

The short and short of it is that he got his coffee, but the whole time after we figured that out that he wanted coffee BEANS, he was trying to explain that it was for his wife and "what the heck, I don't know"

And my angry response that I told my co-worker made her laugh, and made me laugh after, and I think it's the best angry response to anything and that is:

Ew, I can't believe he's married and someone let's him put his penis in them!!!! If he can get married, than I can get married~  Margo.


I can't beleive someone let's him put his penis in them.  Remember where you heard it bishes!

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